What does Ganesh Chathurthi teach us

Ganesh Chathurthi is special for both both adults and kids. Over the past few years there was a time where knowingly or unknowingly people got overwhelmed n started competing for the size and beauty of their Ganesh which resulted in using the materials which are not ecofriendly and polluting the earth 🌍. Again the awareness campaigns which is slowly changing the people’s mindsets and we are going back to our roots and are trying to reap the actual benefits of the festival.

☘️Sensory play for kids to play around with clay soil or any natural material.

☘️Helps with gross motor skills when they are making Ganesh.

☘️Understanding that everything in nature goes back to nature by doing Visarajan with all due respect.

☘️Godliness is in everyone n everywhere not just humans but also animals and can be made with any material.

☘️A break from daily routine and celebrate a day with family n friends with delicious food.

☘️The stories behind Ganesh Chathurthi which teach teaches that bullying or mocking someone is not good.

☘️Use of all Patris fruits and flowers teaches botanical lesson with all their medicinal properties and why are they used for pooja.

☘️The stories of Ganesh teaches love towards parents friends and everyone, how one should stick to what they promise, how self determination is stronger than anything else.

☘️Those modaks and undrallu show that life may look simple and boring yet can be tasty and exciting inside with happy filling inside.

☘️Of all no body shaming but embrace and be proud of how and what you are.

☘️Gunjillu which we consider as a punishment is not punishment but a physical exercise like squatting 

☘️How mother parvathi made Ganesh from her bath powder lost in thoughts of Shiva which simplifies that every mother has lot of emotions and thoughts behind every child and she goes through immense pain which is all worth at the end.

☘️There is no age racial gender ethnic or species barrier to be friends by showing Ganesh and Mooshik.

Every festival or ritual we do has many things to teach which makes them to be a better person and stimulates their brain, body with non routine activities. 

I’ll be sharing soon what are our favorite Ganesh story books.