Practical Life for Toddlers with Learning Tower

Children are naturally eager to learn, and are capable of learning through real life experiences in supportive and thoughtfully prepared environments. Learning Towers give young children a supportive boost to explore their creativity, engage in everyday activities and gain autonomy in their learning journey. This is one of the ways to introduce practical life activities for toddlers. A child can do a lot, despite his small age, if adults give him that opportunity. Learning tower is what I introduced in the kitchen to encourage practical life activities in the kitchen Montessori way.

What is a learning tower? 

It’s a safe step stool which brings the toddlers to counter height and comfortably engage in in daily activities. As this gives them learning or helping opportunity it is called with names likes Learning Tower or Montessori Learning Stool or Montessori Kitchen Helper Stool or Toddler Tower. 

They are often adjustable in height and come with varying levels of side supports to prevent your child from falling and comes in wide range of designs and materials. 

I chose this from Amazon as I like something which can be used in multiple ways rather than seeing it idle when it is of no more use. The one I’m using can be used as toddler table too.

Here are the main reasons I decided it was worth it:

☘️Safety – step stools, chairs can be used by children to access the kitchen bench. I wanted my son  to concentrate on what he is doing with his hands, not having to worry about his balance. Especially while working in kitchen I will be always moving between fridge, sink and stove so I should be confident about his safety as one fall may possibly hurt the child and damage both parent and child’s confidence. There are many DIY’s online but I couldn’t go for an IKEA visit and didn’t want to spend time building one so I got it from amazon. 

☘️no more tantrums because he can’t see what we are doing 

☘️He is involved more in meal preparation processes (practical life skills)

☘️He gets to be at our height level and see what’s happening in the kitchen, making it a much more inclusive environment for him

☘️ saves my back as he is getting heavier and I can’t carry him all the time while I’m cooking or doing chores in the kitchen (he cries as he can’t see what’s happening at my height)

How will my toddler use a learning tower?

☘️ Observing. Learning towers give toddlers an opportunity to observe what we are doing, bringing them to our level. Those little curious humans ❤

☘️ Cooking and baking. There are so many activities to involve children in while in the kitchen, and having them safely at your height allows you more freedom to work with them by your side. 

☘️ Helping with daily chores.  Washing their own messy hands, brushing their teeth, Washing and putting away dishes and many more. 

☘️ Play time. Abhi loves to play withe toys or do some arts and crafts work at the level of height I’m standing. Yeah toddlers want some attention and they love that they are doing everything equally like us.

☘️ Ownership and Confidence. Kids love to be helpful and a part of the team, bringing them up to your level allows them to be part of the action and gives them more ownership over their space and activities which also boosts their confidence.

☘️ Access. Keeping the snacks and water accessible to them so that they can serve themselves without asking as gives them more independence main sure there are not any hot or sharp things accessible keeping the environment around them safe.

What is the best age for a learning tower?

It is recommended for kids around 2 years to 6 years of age which varies based on size and the child’s development. I started using around 13 months, of course under close supervision. 

DIY learning tower, can I just build my own?

Absolutely. If you have the tools, skills and desire there are several DIY Montessori Learning Tower ideas out there.

Do you create a Montessori environment?

Do you allow your child to be independent?

Have you got a learning tower or a planning to get one? 

What’s your favorite benefit to owning one?