Learning with Practical Life

Kids are curious and all the questions which they ask to know the logic or reasoning behind every thing we do or say or they see is the crucial part of learning. Being adult too I sometimes wonder why only this? What happens if I don’t do this way etc. Though my little one is too young for some activities, I wanted to save everything I could before I forget.

Montessori Practical Life activities not only helps with sensory, fine motor and gross motor skills but also help them be independent and learn the basic essentials for life. The little curious brains asking questions can absorb so much from things around them if we pave the right path and explain them in little depth where we can learn and live with Science in everyday life. Not just science but any subject which we learn through books. Some of us may not be creative or don’t have time to come up with creative DIY’s or afford to buy so many books as some do. But we can share our knowledge which we know behind everyday life activities just like some home remedies or food benefits which have been passing on generations from our ancestors. It’s amazing how my grandma who didn’t even study first grade can answer confidently and treat cold, cough, fever, skin or hair care, pregnancy or postpartum care what not. The easiest and fun way of learning things is to see and hear them practically in our daily life rather than kids get scared by seeing those books or classes and develop phobia for maths or science or any other subject.

I’ll be sharing some stories which we do in our everyday life with science behind it with #scienceinpracticallife and if I can get or make up some fun science stories to play with #playtimestories. Please join me and add those tags including me so that we can have good collection to go through we want them.