Thank Yourself

You are the cinderella for the shoe of your life and no one would be better fit. 

There are so many back to back conversations I came across which triggered me to think about this. Be it my mom or my friends who quit their job for family and are continuing as stay at home moms, they often say, we are after all staying at home what else are we doing? And there are even few families who constantly remind them that they are staying at home. No, it’s not “after all”. Stay at Home is the most busiest and tiresome job than any. There is no definition to end the household chores with a “PERIOD” as they keep on piling up as you continue to do. There are no weekends, no breaks, no retirement. Moreover if you have parties or potlucks it’s an added work but not giving physical rest to your body. This is what the women love will all love unconditionally and those empty vessels after everyone eats gives them immense satisfaction. 

Coming to working woman they are managing both in the time and resources they have. And story is the same for most of the working moms too just like stay at home moms.  Everyone is doing best in what they have. Often family takes us granted and there are very few who admit for being thankful for having us in their lives. If there are comparisons and no one admits and on top of it knit picking everything we do, it doesn’t mean we are not giving the best. They just need fresh eyes and perspective to look into. If you can’t thank yourself, no one else would. Your physical and mental sanity is your family’s.

Remember the story of Cinderella, no one would fit into her shoes except herself. No one would fit into our shoes as we do no matter if someone admit or not. Please take some time to thank yourself for what you are and invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself can be what you like from shopping to taking few hours of mental and physical break from what you do every day or investing in some courses or books or hobbies u like or taking up gym membership.  

Thanking and investing in yourself indirectly reflects thanking and investing in family ❤ Happy Woman is Happy Family ❤