Newborn Must Haves

As the time approaches for the little bundle of joy to say, “Hello World”,  parents always have that excitement and wonder if they have everything ready to welcome baby in the best way they can.  We were spellbound with Abhi’s charm when we took in our arms and there was no time to think as newborn needs start immediately. I made a checklist before my little one’s arrival based on my friend’s feedback and other blogs which helped me not to panic when he was finally here. I updated the list based on my experience. 

Welcome Home Requirements  

  1. Car Seat : This is the most important one to take baby home else u won’t be discharged from the hospital 😉. I used Graco Snugride until he was around 7 months and then switched to Graco extend2fit convertible car seat. There are many good options available in the market. I opted these models based on my budget and requirements. 
  2. Car seat  Strap Covers: I love Nuby Car Seat Reversible Strap Covers  which protect the little one’s sensitive skin from Seatbelt Strap Irritation.   

Baby’s wardrobe and bedding 

  1. Cotton dresses/bodysuits: It’s so tempting and to over the board and buy all different outfits available in the market. As they are new to this world who have been cozy and secured in the mom’s uterus they need the similar cozy safe and gentle environment to slowly get adapted. Its recommended to have cotton or gentle clothing which is not overwhelming for their delicate skin. Swaddling them in cotton towles or receiving blankets to make them feel secured and cozy and also easy to hold them. And its better to but 0-3 months size than newborn as we can’t predict the size of newborns and they very quickly outgrow newborn size unless the baby is premie which u can shop after delivery too. I preferred mostly white color to avoid any extra chemicals because of colors for the initial days. 
  2. Mittens: They are useful to keep the baby warm and protect from any accidental self scratches. (Babies have sharp nails as soon as they are born 😊) 
  3. Socks: They are useful to keep the baby warm 
  4. Caps/beanies: They are useful to keep the baby warm and protect their ears from loud noises, cold air too. Though I bought caps they were not perfect fit for the newborn. The caps they gave in the hospital were perfect. So don’t forget to ask for couple while leaving hospital. 
  5. Diapers: Based on your choice of disposable or cloth diapers. Both of them have their own pros and cons which you can decide based on your preference. I initially used cloth diapers from Superbottoms and then continued with disposable diapers which has fewer chemical ingredients like Seventh Generation and Honest. I like them both equally.
  6. Burp Clothes: It’s common for the newborn babies to spit up, in spite of being bottle fed or breastfed. I’d highly recommend to have couple of simple cotton burp cloths handy. 
  7. Wipes: Once the poops or pees it’s very important to clean and keep that area dry before putting on the diaper to keep it clean & hygienic. It also prevents Diaper rash. I use water to clean at home and or Water Wipes for travel or emergencies or winter nights and then tap them dry with cotton cloths. 
  8. Cotton towels: I got aden+anais essentials® Cotton Muslin Swaddles to swaddle and couple of plain cotton towels to keep baby dry after bath.  
  9. Blankets: Couple of blankets for babies sleeping place. I have 2 at home and 1 in my Diaper bag so that I don’t forget when I go out. 
  10. Water resistant dri sheet: I got 3 of Dri sheets and love them. It helps while diaper changing too to prevent accidents and milk spits 
  11. Head and neck support pillow: U shaped neck support pillow helps in the initial days for babies to keep the head straight while sleeping as well as support when they are in the car seat. 
  12. Caddy Bag Organizer: This bag is helpful to everything organized and handy when required. 
  13. Diaper Trash Can and Bags: To dispose diapers and keep home fresh and clean. 
  14. Bassinet and Crib: It’s better to take after baby’s arrival as our choice of sleeping may change after baby’s arrival. I opted for co-sleeping and never used bassinet or crib.

Bath and Body Care 

  1. Bath Tub: My friend gifted me bath tub but I never used it as I gave him bath traditionally on my legs which needs 2 step stoolsbucket, mug and antiskid mat.  
  2. Body wash/ Bath powder: I used homemade bath powder made of edible grains which is safe and organic. Sometimes I use Honest body wash and shampoo if the baby is too greasy after massage or I’m in hurry to finish the bath. 
  3. Body and face moisturizer / Oils: Newborn’s skin have natural oils and they don’t need extra moisturizer unless their skin is too dry. I didn’t use anything for few days and later started using Honest Body and Face Moisturer 
  4. Laundry detergent: All the laundry detergents which we regularly use have harsh chemicals. So it’s better to just wash with plain water or any gentle detergent as all the cloths come in direct contact with baby and have higher chances of getting exposed to chemicals if any. I used Seventh Generation Baby Detergent 
  5. Dusting powder: Talc Powder is not recommended for babies as it contains talc which is hazardous for babies as per American Pediatrics. I didn’t use any powder. 
  6. Nail cutter/trimmer: Babies nails grow very faster and its very important to cut and trim them regularly to prevent any accidents like scratching themselves. I use electric nail filer which is safe and easier. 

Travel Essentials 

  1. Diaper Bag: Stepping out with a baby even for a while is considered travel necessarily not going on a tour 😊. I used a regular large bag which I already have. The main criteria is to carry all baby essentials when we step out with baby. Having unisex bag is better as both mom and dad can carry it. 
  2. Diaper changing pad: Travel diaper changing pad is very useful when we travel with baby which may be even Pediatrician visit so that they have clean n secure changing station. 
  3. Stroller: I use Uppa Baby Cruz and here is the post which will help to choose a stroller of your choice. 

Mini Medical Kit 

  1. Diaper rash cream: My baby never had any diaper rash till date may be because of changing diaper immediately, cleaning and keeping it dry or because of the diaper. But most of friends like Desitin diaper rash cream or coconut oil to heal diaper rash. 
  2. Nasal Aspirator: It’s good to have aspirator handy just in case if baby suddenly has any nasal congestion 
  3. Colic Drops: I have Zerogrype colic drops and have used couple of times when I felt that baby was crying because of colic. 
  4. Nasal Spray and wipes 

Nourishment Requirements  

  1. Breast feeding pillow: My friend gifted me soft C shaped pillow which goes around waist. It was very helpful first few months to give good support for baby to latch and support my back while feeding 

In case if you opt for pumping all these would be essential 

  1. Breast pump & parts: Spectra S1 
  2. Milk Bottles: I used Avent and Comotomo. My baby loves Comotomo bottles. 
  3. Bottle drying rack/mat 
  4. Bottle & Dish Soap: Seventh Generation Bottle Soap 
  5. Bottle brush: Munchkins bottle and nipple cleaning brush 
  6. Milk Storage Bags: Initially used lansinoh, later switched to kinde which saved lot of cleaning time. 
  7. Insulated breast milk cooler and dry ice: To store and carry the pumped milk. 
  8. Formula: I got few samples when I signed up for Similac and Enfamil. It’s better to have samples handy as sometimes it takes time to establish milk supply. I used Similac proadvance ready to feed formula initial 2-3 weeks to supplement along with my breast milk until my supply got established 
  9. Nursing Bra: I got nursing bras also a hands free pumping bra which makes pumping easier 
  10. Nipple Cream: I used lansinoh nipple cream for sore and cracked nipples 
  11. Breast Pads: I got few breast pads as samples which I used initially for leaking. 
  12. Lactation Massager and heating pads: I used Lavie lactation massagerLansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack whenever there was blockage and pain because of milk supply which was a great relieve. 

Hope I mostly covered everything. Please do share if you have any of your favorites which would be helpful to any parent.  

Happy Parenting 😊 😊 😊