Working Mom and Toddler Schedule

I’ve been following the schedule since Abhi was born which kept on changing as per his sleep n feeding requirement based on age. 
Analysis says that sleeping for longer at one shot has greater benefits for kids brain and physical development than taking short naps. 
Children love schedules and predictability to know what’s coming next. This is how our weekdays look like, weekends are more flexible depending on our schedule for the day. 
This is my schedule for 1 year old toddler. The timings may sometimes change 30 min before or later based on his mood n sleep.

🌞6:30am- Abhi normally wake up between 6:30 to 7am regardless it’s a weekday or a weekend.  

🌞 6:45 to 7:15am- I get ready as I start my office work by 8am. He brushes along with me and plays around while I take shower n get ready 

🌞7:15 to 7:45am- Once I get ready, we go downstairs with my laptop n play some music n prepare breakfast n lunch. Sometimes he plays, sometimes he cries so I carry him n cook  

🌞7.45  to 8:15am- Breakfast time n meanwhile I login n start my office work. 

🌞8:15 to 10:00am- Once he finishes his breakfast, I clean him up and then change his dress. I normally rotate his activities during this time for the day. Though I encourage him to play independently he wants me to join him every 10 min or so. I usually place my laptop on his play shelf which is not reachable to him. We do several activities during this time together with my airpods on and I do attend all the meetings with little or no coding work done. 

🌞10 to 11:30am- Nap time with milk. This is when I focus more on coding and this is my stand up time too. 

🌞11:30 to 12pm- He would be mostly on my lap as he would be drowsy and sometimes his dad takes care of him at this time if I’m little busy with work n his dad doesn’t have any meetings. 

🌞12pm- 1pm- I quickly add tempering to dal or finish cooking for lunch. Lunch time, clean up. 

🌞1pm to 2.30pm- I seriously don’t know what we do at this time as these are crazy hours. My teammates are used to all background baby babbling or lullaby music πŸ˜‰ 

🌞2.30pm to 4pm- Afternoon nap with milk. This is when peacefully my brain focuses on coding.  

🌞4:00- 4:15pm Snacks  

🌞4.15-6pm- Outdoor activities or walk, playdate or playtime with neighboring friends, facetime with grandparents  

🌞6pm to 6:30pm- Dinner   

🌞6:30 to 7pm- Bathtime, Books and Pjs.  

🌞7pm- Bedtime for Abhi with milk n music or lullaby. He drinks milk 3-4 times now before he wakes up. This is when after dinner I focus on my office work until 1 or 2am.  

Will love to hear your routine and how it’s working for you or just say hello❀️